Network Connectivity

We provide network connectivity including cabling tests, network cabling layout and switching from unmanaged switches through to Layer 3 switches.

We would also provide consultancy on improving the physical network layout by running tests to ensure there is no attenuation due to various issues, not limited to distance but also other factors.

Multi-Site Connectivity

Offices with multiple sites tend to run the two offices separately, either using email or a web-based application to keep data in sync. Sometimes, one of the users would actually be responsible to take data between the sites on a weekly basis on a removable device.

All the above carry a risk of security, potential loss of data and/or delayed data replication.

Network Security

We take security extremely seriously ensuring:

    * Secure Firewalls

    * Managed Malware protection

    * Encrypted outbound emails

    * Secure storage of user data, both on-site and on-cloud

    * Secure private cloud networks