Remote Working

We use multiple solutions to enable most enterprises to implement remote working practices, without the need to spend huge amounts on IT Infrastructure.

* Reduced office costs – without the need to support employees within the office, enterprises can cut down on costs associated with printing, electricity, kitchen facilities, staff management costs etc

* Reduced property costs – with less employees working in the office, enterprises can streamline their office space, encourage hot-desking and if necessary downgrade into smaller, cheaper office buildings

* Increased productivity – studies have found that those employees working remotely, away from the distractions of the office environment can increase their productivity considerably

* Employee incentive – at a time when enterprises are collectively tightening their belts, remote working offers a very attractive and popular non-cash incentive to help motivate and reward employees

* Environment – remote working also dramatically reduces an enterprise’s green impact on the environment by eliminating the number of employees commuting in to the office